Bennett : British Settlers in West Cork c.1590

The following paragraphs and list, are taken from George Bennett’s “History of Bandon”. Gearoid Kingston has found documentary evidence (in transcripts of original reports from the Munster Plantation survey) that a “Paul Kingston” was leasing 100 acres at Castlemahon seigniory in 1611.

Bennett, G. 1869. The History of Bandon and the Principal Towns in the West Riding of County Cork. Francis Guy. Cork. 7-10.

Kingston, G. 2011. Revisiting the origins of County Cork Kingstons. Journal of the Cork Historical and Archaeological Society. 57.


The forfeitures of O’Mahony included his residence at Castle-Mahon, and his lands – which lay for several miles on both sides of the river Bandon. The castle and a large portion of the lands, amounting in the aggregate to fourteen thousand acres, were conferred on Phane Beecher, son of Alderman Henry Beecher, of London.

The patent, which is dated September the 30th, 1588, grants to “Phane Beecher, of London, the Castle of O’Mahony (alias Mahown’s Castle), and the moiety of all the lands and hereditaments therein – 14,000 acres – at the yearly rent of £66 13s. 4d.” By the conditions of the patent, Beecher was bound “to erect, or cause to be erected, houses for fourscore and eleven – ninety-one families. One, the principal habitation for Henry Beecher; six others for freeholders, each of whom was to get three hundred acres of land, meadow, pasture, and wood; six more houses for farmers, to each of whom he was to assign four hundred acres of meadow, pasture, and wood; forty-two other houses for copyholders, each of whom was to be assigned one hundred acres of land similar to the former; and, to each of the rest of the householders, lots consisting of fifty acres, twenty-five acres, and ten acres…”

…Amongst those that settled here about this time – either being directly brought over by Beecher himself, or who procured lands from him and established little colonies of their own, or who came over to the infant settlement for purposes of trade and commerce – were the following : –

Abbott, Dun, Hardinge, Spenser,
Alcock, Dashwood, Jones, Symons,
Adderly, Evans, Jackson, Synoger,
Atkins, Ellwell, Jumper, Stanley,
Austen, Elliott, Jifford, Skipwith,
Bernard, Elms, Joyce, Snookes,
Baldwin, Flemming, Kerall, Saunders,
Brayly, Fondwell, Kito, Scott,
Bennett, Franck, Kent, Savage,
Birde, Farre, Kingston, Skinner,
Beamish, Flewellan, Light, Skeuce,
Brooke, Fenton, Little, Shephard,
Blacknell, French, Linscombe, Smith,
Burwood, Franklin, Law, Spratt,
Berry, Fuller, Langford, Seymour,
Booll, Fryher, Lapp, Sweete,
Bramlet, Frost, Lissone, Sugar,
Blofield, Grant, Lambe, Tickner,
Coombes, Grimes, Lucas, Turner,
Corkwell, Gamon, Lane, Thompson,
Chambers, Griffith, Lake, Taylor,
Cadlopp, Green, Monoarke, Thomas,
Clark, Goodchild, Moaks, Tobye,
Christmas, Grimster, Mowberry, Tucker,
Carey, Greenway, Meldon, Travers,
Crofte, Gardiner, Martyn, Tanner,
Cox, Glenfoild, Margets, Valley,
Cotterall, Giles, Newce, Vick,
Clear, Grenville, Newman, Vane,
Cooper, Greatrakes, Nelson, Woolfe,
Chipstowe, Grimstead, Osmond, Wiseman,
Cable, Hewitt, Porter, Whaley,
Cleather, Harvie, Perrott, Wight,
Churchill, Holbedyr, Poole, Williams,
Cecill, Hodder, Pitt, Wheeler,
Dolbers, Howard, Peyton, White,
Drake, Hussey, Preston, Woodroffe,
Downes, Hitchcock, Popham, Ware,
Dunkin, Hill, Rashleigh, Warren,
Daunte, Harris, Radley, Willobe,
Davis, Hales, Rake, Watkins,
Deane, Hammett, Richmond, Wheatly,

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